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We believe in the idea of contributing a conscious vision to fashion, slowing down, and continuing to work with full awareness.

We create quality products using high-quality materials and care a lot about the future of the planet and the world that we will leave to our children. we believe that change can start with the little things and hence we make sure to incorporate sustainability standards in the making  of every product that we design and that allows us to do our bit in making the world a better place


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Hand Made in India 

Each and every piece that we design is made using different craft techniques from the remotest villages of India and hence making our products special and worth cherishing. Since it's all hand made, its adds sustainable life to the product by reducing car carbon footprints.

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Fair Trade 

We at Kirgiti value all the artisans and workers who give life to our designs by sitting right at the roots of the system; making sure the products delivered to you bring joy to you as well as the creators and people at backstage, providing them good working conditions, equal opportunities, training and fair pay and transparency in our work cycle.

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Since everything is Hand made, we make sure to use all Organic components in each step making; from using materials that have been produced without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides to relying on natural vegetable and plant-based dyes; we are committed to protecting the environment while bringing to you, your favorite products.

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Zero waste Practises 
Fashion as an industry is the largest polluting industry in the world, considering the number of resources used and the wastage caused while production. We in Kirgiti are committed to reducing maximum possible waste by upcycling or reusing, the leftover material, and giving them new life by making small accessories. Basically we are making products from products and hence minimizing the waste to almost zero.
Cruelty-free Leather

We in Kirgiti are strictly against animal cruelty in any form. All our products mindfully, keeping in consideration the impact of our actions on innocent creatures on the planet and we hence we use plant-based leather and other substitutes from renewable resources. we create 'Peace with Nature with a Piece of Nature '

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