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The Story of Bandhej

" Where colors bloom and knots entwine,

On fabric, ancient stories shine.

With nimble fingers, a dance takes form,

The art of Bandhej hand to hand, warm.

Craft whispered through ages, grand and old,

Each tiny knot, a story bold.

Secure the fabric, white and bright,

Into the dye pot, colors take flight. "


The Art of Bandhani : Tradition and Technique

Introduce you to this timeless tradition through the beauty of poetry of Bandhej, also known as Bandhani, is a tie-dye art that times back over 5,000 years to the vibrant lands of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

" Illustrate designs on paper, where your visions come alive.

Trace the motif onto fabric, where patterns take their dive."

Step - 1

In the first step, sketch the motif on paper with creativity and precision. Then, transfer the paper designs onto the fabric using temporary dye and a brush.


“Pinch the fabric, small sections tight, Tie them with thread, firm and bright.”

Step - 2

Different threads like cotton or polyester are used, and the size, thickness, and volume of the Bandhani design can be adjusted accordingly. Pinch small sections of the fabric and gather them tightly, then secure each gathered section firmly with thread. Use a knotting needle to raise the cloth for further tying.


"Immerse the cloth in dye's embrace, A base color to fill the space."

Step - 3

The next step is to completely submerge the fabric in the dye in water, so the temporary dye (chhapai) washes off , ensuring that the dye absorbs evenly and creates a uniform base color across the entire cloth.


"Dip once more in hues so bold, A tapestry of stories told."

Step - 4

Then Re-dip the fabric into additional dye baths for vibrant new colors, layering the shades to create complex and colorful patterns.


"Dry the fabric, let it rest, Ready now for the final test."

Step - 5

After dying, hang the dyed fabric to dry completely before revealing the patterns.


"Carefully untie each thread's hold, Intricate patterns now unfold."

Step - 6

After the cloth has completely dried, gently remove the knots to release the tied sections of the fabric, revealing the intricate patterns created by the resist-dyeing process.


“Rinse the fabric in water’s flow, Colors set, and patterns glow.”

Step - 7

In the last final step, thoroughly rinse the fabric in water to remove excess dye and allow the colors to set, revealing the vibrant patterns.


Kirgiti X Bandhani

At Kirgiti, we honor tradition while embracing innovation, ensuring the legacy of Bandhani continues to thrive in a modern world.

we have reimagined the timeless artistry of Bandhani by infusing it into a fabric that breathes, bends, and moves with you that is stretchable knitted cotton cloth. While the market is saturated with traditional Bandhani available only in silk and cotton, we have ventured into new territory, offering this exquisite craft in a modern, flexible fabric.

We proudly collaborate with Bandhani artisans from the "Neelghar" community in Sikar which is a 2-hour 16-minute drive (121.8 km) from Jaipur via NH 52. Despite the dwindling number of artisans and the absence of a structured Bandhani cluster, we are dedicated to reviving this beautiful craft, by encouraging and supporting the artisans, We are currently working with more than 30 artisans . While some artisans are comfortable sharing their photos, others prefer not to. Notably, 95% of these artisans are women from backward communities. We are proud to introduce some of our talented artisans and their incredible work.

Meet The Artisan of Bandhej

Name - Pushpa Devi

Name - Shaukeen Bhai

Name - Sumitra Devi

Age - 48 Years

Age - 48 Years

Age - 57 Years

Artisan - Bandhani

Artisan - Khakha Tracer

Artisan - Bandhani

Name - Zarina

Name - Mohmad Shahid Bhai

Name - Sunita Devi

Age - 49 Years

Age - 37 Years

Age - 48 Years

Artisan - Bandhani

Artisan - Dyer

Artisan - Bandhani

Name - Matku

Name - Jannat

Name - Rukhmani Devi

Age - 48 Years

Age - 48 Years

Age - 61 Years

Artisan - Bandhani

Artisan - Bandhani

Artisan - Bandhani

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